Minecraft on PS4 Is Done – IGN

Minecraft for the PlayStation 4 is now finished and waiting for the final test before release at Sony. Developer 4J Studios – which has ported the Mojang title to consoles – gave the update on Twitter, letting fans know that the PlayStation 4 edition of Minecraft still seems slated to release this month. “We’ve handed […]


Dispenser – Minecraft Crafting

by VGChartz Staff, posted on 23 July 2013 / 4,855 Views A Dispenser is crafted by placing a bow in the center, redstone dust below it, and cobblestone in the rest of the open spots. This item activates when it gets energy from redstone wires (by activating a trigger) or a redstone torch. When it […]


Guía de Minecraft – Mobs: Enemigos – PC, Xbox 360

Los enemigos de Minecraft no podían faltar en la guía paso a paso que hemos preparado en JuegosdB. Los mobs son parte indispensable de Minecraft, ya sea en su versión para PC o en la de Xbox 360. Los mobs hostiles o enemigos aparecen de noche y hay diferentes tipos. También es posible encontrar enemigos […]