Volcanic eruption in Iceland triggers CODE RED aviation warning

Lava-spitting Bárðarbunga prompts action from Met Office A fresh volcanic eruption in Iceland forced officials at the country’s Met Office to temporarily issue a code red aviation warning, after lava spewed 50 metres into the air in the early hours of Sunday morning. While fewer earthquakes were recorded when the eruption started in Holuhraun shortly […]


Minecraft Xbox One Edition to Hit Retail Stores in November

Mojang Microsft has released details about the retail launch of Minecraft: Xbox One Edition. A post on the Xbox Wire points to Nov. 18 as the release date for the retail version of Minecraft: Xbox One Edition. The digital edition was recently released earlier in September, but now you can pick up the disc to […]


Minecraft: Xbox One Edition is coming to retail a month after its PS4 brethren

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition is getting a disc release on 18th November, where it will retail for $19.99 (about £13). This announcement came via the Xbox News Wire, where the price is only listed in US currency and the only box art images have the States’ ESRB ratings board seals. As such, it’s not clear […]


Minecraft head to retail on Xbox One

Although by this point it’s safe to assume that you have Minecraft on nearly every device imaginable, it’s time to grab the game on yet another platform. The Microsoft Xbox One is scheduled to get a full retail release of the game that Microsoft paid over $2 billion for. September 5 saw the release of […]