We gave must-have #Christmas 2014 toys to schoolkids: These are their verdicts

Lucky children from St Joseph’s RC Primary School test the top toys for Christmas It’s the time of the year when letters are being penned to Santa, items on the Argos catalogue are being meticulously scanned and circled with marker pens, and the annual bombardment of toy adverts is enough to send any youngster into […]


Minecraft Xbox 360; Unlimited Creativity To Explore – Ordoh

Since Minecraft released a version compatible with Xbox 360 back in 2012, it has become gamers’ favorite as the most creative game. Players have access to unlimited resources and can use them to build whatever they want from walls to gates, obstacles, electrical appliances, weapons, barriers and canopies. The game’s environment is endless and very […]


Minecraft: Play the new DLC on Xbox One and Xbox 360, Microsoft announce

The Classic Star Wars skin pack is exclusively available on the Microsoft consoles and features a collection of 55 skins from Episode IV through Episode VI. The new content allows players to build their very own versions of classic settings and scenes from the epic space opera. Users can play as Luke Skywalker and Han […]


Minecraft Xbox Gets Exclusive Star Wars DLC Skin Pack

Microsoft says more Star Wars content will make its way to the game. Dazu schreibt google.com: Minecraft: Play the new DLC on Xbox One and Xbox 360, Microsoft announce. A NEW Minecraft DLC pack can be downloaded on the Xbox One and Xbox 360, Microsoft have announced. weiterlesen … Dazu berichtet google.com: Watch our Xbox […]


Minecraft Xbox Gets Exclusive Star Wars DLC Skin Pack

Sandbox game Minecraft is getting a downloadable Star Wars skin pack today, exclusive to the Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles. The announcement was made by Microsoft on the official Microsoft Studios Blog. The Star Wars downloadable content skin pack contains 55 skins from the Star Wars movies Episode IV through to Episode VI. Priced […]