Microsoft to buy Minecraft creator Mojang for US$2.5b – Channel NewsAsia

STOCKHOLM: The creators of the videogame Minecraft, the Swedish company Mojang, on Monday (Sep 15) announced a takeover by the US software giant Microsoft worth US$2.5 billion. The founders of Mojang, the main beneficiaries of the deal, also announced their departure from the company. “Mojang is being bought by Microsoft,” the Swedish company confirmed after […]


Activision will make Sierra its “indie” label

Activision announced the resurrection of the storied Sierra label last week, bringing it back into action with a new Geometry Wars and a reboot of the old King’s Quest series. It was an unexpected move, given the publisher’s historic focus on the bottom line and the tiny impact on it that old Sierra adventures are […]


Hatoful Boyfriend, the game of pigeon love, delayed until September

The sad pigeon-wings of destiny have swooped down on Hatoful Boyfriend, the game of love between birds and the one human who dares go to school among them. It was originally supposed to be out this month, but publisher Devolver Digital revealed today that the egg needs a little more time in the nest. You […]

Pro SQL Server Internals

Author: Dmitri KorotkevitchPublisher: ApressPages: 804ISBN: 978-1430259626Audience: DBAs, Database developersRating: 4.9Reviewer: Ian Stirk Another SQL Server internals book hits the market, is it needed? Let’s find out… Understanding the fundamentals of SQL and SQL Server is relatively easy, however it soon becomes necessary to gain a deeper understanding in order to provide better solutions and improved […]


Super Meat Boy developer teases new game with bizarre trailer

Oh, you zany, cryptic indie developers. Always being weird and stuff. Developer Team Meat has released a video [ below] teasing an upcoming project called A Voyeur for September. The video is … well, it’s probably best if you watch it for yourself. Team Meat’s other games, Super Meat Boy and the upcoming Mew-Genics, feature […]


Apple iOS 8: Top New Features

The iOS 8 upgrade brings time-saving features and a better way to manage multiple devices in your household. The launch of a new iPhone is always big news, especially when Apple takes 4 million pre-orders in the first day. But aside from the larger screen sizes of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the […]