How to Find Diamonds and Gold in Minecraft

Dig Deep Most of the diamonds, gold, and other treasures are deep within the ground. You will have to dig down almost until you cannot dig anymore. There are two strategies to dig in Minecraft. One strategy is to create steps down into the earth as you mine diagonally down, essentially creating a staircase. This […]


Minecraft could be huge in Japan thanks to Wii U

This post has not been edited by the GamesBeat staff. Opinions by GamesBeat community writers do not necessarily reflect those of the staff. What’s the status of Minecraft for the Nintendo Wii U console? We still have no headway just yet. Mojang and 4J Studios (the developer that handles the console versions) are working endlessly […]


Project Spark bigger and better than Minecraft and LittleBigPlanet

The most important achievement for Team Dakota’s Project Spark seems to be making the distinction between world building and game building. Where as games like Minecraft and Little Big Planet, Civilisation and SimCity may well have offered limited gameplay the focus has always been about the joy of building, of creating masterpieces from nothing. What […]


Port St. Joe summer programs in full effect

School’s out, but the learning (and fun) continue. From June through August parents in Port St. Joe may wonder how to keep their little ones entertained but the community offers three summer programs to keep kids occupied and the learning process going. The 21st Century Summer Enrichment Program, operated by Port St. Joe Elementary Principal […]


Minecraft: Mehr Konsolen- als PC-Spieler – 4Players

Bildquelle: Mojang / Microsoft (360) / Sony (PS3) Nachdem das Phänomen zuerst auf PC durchgestartet ist, haben sowohl die Umsetzungen für mobile Plattformen als auch die Konsolenfassungen aufgeholt: Wie der Datenanalyst von Entwickler Mojang, Patrick Geuder, per Twitter (via Polygon) mitteilt, wurden inzwischen mehr Konsolenspiele verkauft als PC-Versionen. Insgesamt nähert sich Minecraft bereits 54. Mio. […]